“Attendees were serenaded by the mezmorizing voices of tenor, Emilio Fina and soprano, Rachelle Kelly. The voices were of stellar calibre, without question… was an unforgetable evening when the big city talent came to the Valley.” – Katlie Martin – 2014 – Ormstown QB – The Gleaner

“We first became enamored of Fina’s tenor voice almost three years ago when he performed in Don Giovanni….a great voice can never be muted. His relationship and connection with his audience reminds this scribe of such stalwart performers as Trini Lopez or Perry Como. One feels an interpersonal relationship as though his songs are individually directed.” – Danny Gaisin – 2014 – A Merry Night Concert

“On the evening of December 7, the tenor Emilio Fina gave a moving performance in Ormstown at the Villiage Church. The spectators were taken with his charm and the simplicity of his performance, as well as the power in his voice.” – Patrice Laflamme – 2013 – Ormstown QB – The Gleaner

“We had the chance to see Fina perform live during brunch at the King Edward  Hotel this past Sunday, and we’d be lying if we denied getting just a tad emotional during his performance of “Bring Him Home.” Brunch isn’t too early to cry, is it? His voice is so magical” – 2013 – View The Vibe – “O Sole Mio” debut album

“His moving delivery of Pucinni’s, Nessun dorma, resonated immediately with the judges, even earning a standing ovation from opera singer Measha Brueggergosman…..As a whole, the album is a remarkable debut effort by Fina.” – Amie Ronald-Morgan – 2013 – Scene Magazine – “O Sole Mio” debut album

“Guests also were serenaded by tenor sensation Emilio Fina, the classically trained tenor who won the hearts of viewers on CityTV’s Canada’s Got Talent. His stunning singing brought tears to everyone’s eyes and smiles to their faces as he sang a selection of Neopolitan songs,opera arias and Broadway hits from his debut CD “O Sole Mio.” – The Wine Ladies – 2013 – “O Sole Mio” debut album

“In a crowded field of tenors, Emilio stands out for his deep intuitive understanding of these classic songs that is fresh, authentic, and exciting” – Glenn Morley (producer/ recording engineer) – 2013 – “O Sole Mio” debut album

“We are thrilled to have Emilio call Sony Music Entertainment Canada home.” – Shane Carter (President, Sony Music Entertainment Canada Inc.) – 2013 -  “O Sole Mio” debut album

“Emilio Fina deserves to be heard by the world. His deep passion and soulfulness in each song is paired with a very fine, natural voice and his commitment, and stamina, in the recording studio was incredible” – Elaine Overholt (vocal coach) – 2013 -  “O Sole Mio” debut album

“I would call that, the working man’s hero. You know, here you are – you’re still in the trenches, with everybody out there from the nine to fiver’s and you are going after your dream – and it is happening! Think about it my friend – you’re a hero! …. You have talent. You have a fantistic gifted voice!” – Rudy Blair – 2013 – 680 News – “O Sole Mio” debut album

“Nobody expected him to be this incredible opera singer…and I remember as soon as he did his thing, the entire place was on their feet. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house, and we were all just like, Wow!.. this guy is a star!” – Dina Pugliese – 2012 – Canada’s Got Talent – Nessun dorma / “O Sole Mio” debut album

“If you’ve been someone that has put your passion on hold for whatever reason, Canadian tenor Emilio Fina is proof positive that you are never too old to chase your dreams. At the age of 38, Fina has just released his debut album, O Sole Mio, through Sony Music Canada.” – Ken Kelly – 2013 – The MusicNerd Chronicles – “O Sole Mio” debut album

“I am so proud of my good friend Emilio Fina. We recognize him from Canada’s Got Talent – made it down to the finals. Well he was scouted during that show’s taping, live, and now… about a Merry Christmas, he has been signed with Sony! Congratulations Emilio, I am so proud of you!” – Dina Pugliese – 2012 – Breakfast Television – O Holy Night

“For me, I really adore your singing. You’re one of those guys, still who moved me the most with your original performance, so it means to me that you have that star thing. That, “Je ne sais quoi”. You have it!” – Stephan Moccio – 2012 – Canada’s Got Talent – Granada

“I think you did a wonderful job. Really well done” – Measha Brueggergosman – 2012 – Canada’s Got Talent – Granada

“The top note is the price of admission. You hit that with clarity and excitement” – Martin Short – 2012 – Canada’s Got Talent – Granada

“Personality, charm, and, yes, Fina’s singing voice has impressed star judges, including Canadian opera singer Measha Brueggergosman, earning the rising opera star a spot in the finals” – Joel Wittnebel – 2012 – New Hamburg Independent – Canada’s Got Talent

“Canada’s Got Talent, Emilio Fina took to the stage to perform a fantastic three-song set, and the response, 100 percent!” – The Gleaner – 2012 – Ormstown QB – Canada’s Got Talent

“You are exciting to watch. Things turned out so beautifully in the semi finals for you. You sang so well” – Measha Brueggergosman – 2012 – Canada’s Got Talent – Time to Say Goodbye

“Emilio Fina, opera singer, took Canada’s breath away with his beautiful performance of Andrea Bocelli’s “Time to Say Goodbye.”…. Stephan Moccio said Emilio did more for him “emotionally” and Martin Short called his performance beautiful, passionate and exhilarating. The crowd was on its feet”- Diane Wild – 2012 – Reality, Lifestyle & Documentary – Canada’s Got Talent – Time to Say Goodbye

“Emilio had the crowd eating out of his hand with Andrea Bocelli’s, Time to Say Goodbye” – Toronto Life – 2012 – Canada’s Got Talent – Time to Say Goodbye

“Emilio Fina, dancers in the background added a cool element. I think he’s a real talent” – Gord Craig – 2012 – Regina Leader-Post – Canada’s Got Talent – Time to Say Goodbye

“I say emotively, emotionally, you do a lot more for me. You are so good. I love what you bring to the show” – Stephan Moccio – 2012 – Canada’s Got Talent – Time to Say Goodbye

“Emilio, I loved that! I thought you sounded beautiful. I thought it was passionate. There’s something about you that makes everyone want to be on your side. To root for you! To hope you hit those top notes, and then you hit them, and it’s exhilarating! Congratulations” – Martin Short – 2012 – Canada’s Got Talent – Time to Say Goodbye

“Emilio Fina, one heck of a tenor, belts out an opera song that brings the house down” – Toronto Life – 2012 – Canada’s Got Talent – Nessun dorma

“Canada’s Got Talent contestant Emilio Fina made an impression on judges during a recent episode of the reality show. He opens his mouth on “Nessun dorma”, and out comes a tenor so smooth and refined. He recieves a standing ovation from audience and judges” – Amie Ronald-Morgan – 2012 – Scene Magazine – Canada’s Got Talent – Nessun dorma

“I didn’t know what to expect when this dude came on stage. I knew I liked him. He’s humble, a father of four, seems like a stand up dude. Also happens to be one of the most amazing singers ever” – Ace Burpee – 2012 – Hot103FM – Canada’s Got Talent – Nessun dorma

“Emilio Fina comes on stage dressed in his uniform and the judges are blown away when he starts singing opera – and hes’ really good” – Gord Craig – 2012 – Regina Leader-Post – Canada’s Got Talent – Nessun dorma

“Just fantastic! Beautiful voice” – Martin Short – 2012 – Canada’s Got Talent – Nessun dorma

“Very brave of you to come out with that song, but you hit those notes! You moved me today. It was exactly what this show is all about, in bringing this kind of talent” – Stephan Moccio – 2012 – Canada’s got Talent – Nessun dorma

“The most outstanding, yet only a support role, belongs to Anna’s fiancé Don Ottavio. The tenor voice of Emilio Fina is so mellow yet fraught with subdued emotion and potency. Fina seems completely at ease from C-3 to even above A4 with nary of hint of excessive vocal effort” – Danny Gaisin – 2012 – Ontario Arts Review – Don Giovanni – Don Ottavio

“Emilio Fina (Don Ottavio), Catherine Gardner (Donna Elvira) and Natalie Donnley (Donna Ana) were particularly effective in their masked ball ensemble.” – Dawn Marten – 2012 – Opera Canada – Don Giovanni – Don Ottavio

“Almaviva, played by Fina…his beautiful aria was convincing and poignant” – Judi Hopper – 2011 – – The Barber of Seville – Count Almaviva

“Emilio’s tenor voice has a honey-like sweetness that rolls over and warms its listeners” – Terry Gaisin – 2011 – Ontario Arts Review – The Barber of Seville – Count Almaviva

“Canadian Opera Star Emilio Fina (Almaviva) thrilled with his performance” – Barbados Today – 2011 – Barber of Seville – Holders Season Barbados – Count Almaviva

“Emilio Fina’s tenor sounds stirred the audience’s imagination” – – 2011 – Holders Season Barbados – Barber of Seville – Count Almaviva

“Emilio Fina (Ferrando) and Jeremy Ludwig (Guglielmo) were called on for their flexibility and dynamic vocal skills” – Stephen Preece – 2009 – Kitchener Record – Cosi fan tutte – Ferrando

“Emilio Fina’s Tamino beautifully enunciated every word…. both Santoni and Fina were superb actors” – Dawn Martens – 2009 – Opera Canada – The Magic Flute – Tamino

“Emilio Fina’s tenor vocal was strong and expressive” – Brian Hay – 2009 – – La Cenerentola – Don Ramiro

“To be honest, I haven’t heard Emilio sing better…ever…and my guest agreed with me. I felt that Emilio truly expressed emotion not just in his voice but also in his gestures and body language more effectively than pretty well anyone else on stage thus far. Great last note with amazing breath control” – Ron-Cameron Lewis – 07/08 – Festival Adjudicator – La Fille du Régiment – Ah! Mes amis … Pour mon âme

“I was very impressed with the seamless shift to falsetto and back that Fina demonstrated in his singing” – Ron-Cameron Lewis – 06/07 – Fetival Adjudicator – The Magic Flute – Tamino

“Fina’s sweet tenor voice compliments Ferrando’s character well” – Tina Depko – 2005 – Brampton Guardian – Cosi fan tutte – Ferrando

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